Friday, August 26, 2011

Some times I feel a little like the Titanic....

 Some times I feel a little like the I am sinking under all the the things I am sooo behind on to say that I am a little behind is an understatement! Here I am posting a pic of Avery for her birthday which was last month....Ron's birthday was yesterdays so I guess good on me for at least making it on here that one but that was shear luck! School has started have I posted school pictures YET? NO!! Okay I swear I will try harder but no promises....I am only 1 person, 1 very behind, busy, swamped, frazzled  but overall some what sane (I think) and  still pretty awesome some days person. So hear it goes 1 month late a darling picture of my 8 year old. She is nothing short of darling....she has chopped all her hair off to her chin since this took me 10 days too take a picture of the new hair cut....LAME I KNOW! It's darling I will post a new picture of the darling hairdo...soon....promise! But my ship hasn't officially sunk yet, I am still hanging on. I might be floating around on a tiny little raft with a hole in the bottom tossing buckets of water out as fast as they will come in so my little ship wont sink but at least I am still afloat right? I am not going down like the Titanic, not this week anyway. This might be a little dramatic but I just had a my 3 year old's left over PB &J sandwich for lunch and a handful of chocolate chips to give me a sugar high just so I could write this bad boy. So for now just ENJOY~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Alyssa

I cannot believe that it has been 11 years! Everyone always says how time flies by it is so true. My little girl is 11 years old. I hope she had a great birthday! She is turning into such a wonderful young lady and we couldn't be prouder of her.  Take note of the amazing cake it was made by my awesome cousin Debbie she totally rocked it out and gave us the perfect cake for a gal turning 11, I can't thank enough for her hard work. It was a great centerpiece to her party and a was delicious. Here is looking forward to a great year a head we hope all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Designer Blogs Rocks

I just wanted to take one quick moment and throw a shout out to Designer Blogs at Designer
They totally redesigned my Photography blog and believe me it needed help and made go from Drab to FAB! So if your Blog is needing a little pick me up or you are just looking for some quick tips they even have some great tutorials. They were easy and amazing to work with.

So Thank you Erin at Designer Blogs you ROCK!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Better Late Then Never!

So I usually am so good about getting a post on my blog on the a day or at least the week of my kids birthdays. This month I have not done so good. I am going with the better late then never motto. Aidan my sweet little baby turned 3 I cannot hardly believe it! I had it all planned in my mind to get him all dressed up and take some super cute 3 year old pictures of him. The day after he turned 3 he had the stomach flu for a week. Then we have been running non stop since. So I guess our shoot will have to be delayed. The kid is always covered in dirt or Cheetos crumbs anyway it would take a miracle to get clean presentable pictures anyway. That being said he is such fun to have around. He makes every last one of us smile all the time. He is a wild Indian that thinks he is a break dancer. He thinks that his best friend is our bishop, he finally decided to get potty trained and it only took him 1 day. He LOVES basketball and can actually dribble, he loves anything with any ball at all and can throw FAR he is dangerous with golf clubs and bats. He is the boss at our house and he loves his dad way more then he loves me and I don't mind at all. He is an absolute joy! Enjoy some pictures of the most darling/handsome 3 year old on the planet!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So this post really has no rhyme or reason to it, other than it is random bits from our lives. My mom always asks me if I write down the funny thing my kids tell me, and of course I am frequently think I am going to remember to but get busy. So I got a kick out of this one and before I forget am going to write it down. The other night while we were cleaning up dinner I could hear Alyssa asking Aidan a bunch of questions like "What is your favorite color?, What is your favorite #?" This went on for awhile we just were laughing at his answers because he was pretty funny and sometimes confused on what he was supposed to actually be saying. Then she says " Aidan, Who is you favorite singer?" It was totally quite and then all the sudden he blurts out "Jesus" We all started laughing so hard. He is quite the kid.

So on that note here are some random pictures of the troops that keep me on my toes. They are truly the best kids. Enjoy~

I took this picture one day while I was waiting for my friend Cami, I had taken her family pictures the week before but her little girl was not having any of it so we were hoping we could just get a few shots of her in a good mood. I took my kids with me and a giant bag of carrots and apples for them to feed to some horses at this farm. The carrots and apples were gone in about 2 minutes so while we waited I snapped this picture of them, umm yes some times they are goofy!

I realized I never posted a picture of them in their Halloween Garb. Don't they look great and such great poses. Hmmm, do you think I take a lot of pictures?
All I can say is it is about time! Ron finally graduated with his MBA! YAHOO! He has been going to school for a long time and we couldn't be prouder of him! What an awesome accomplishment we weren't sure what he would do with all his spare time until he got called as YM president. Hee Hee.

So yesterday it snowed and I was thinking about the day I took this picture it was so warm. I miss this day. I love fall it is beyond beautiful but I cannot wait for spring either. Winter is certainly beautiful too but I am certain that the ground hog promised us an early spring I am just wondering when it is going to come?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh my COW!

I can't even remember if I have told the "oh my cow" story on here before but basically it goes a little something like this. We were driving home from somewhere one day and there is a really big smoke stack that we pass on the way home Aidan says to us "Oh my cow that tower is huge, it is huge like me." We all start cracking up now he regularly says Oh my cow this and Oh my cow that and we call giggle. Last night he for some reason thought I thought that I called molten chocolate cake, chocolate Bambi cake so then we all started calling our FHE desert " Bambi Cake" the rest of the night. That kid is HILARIOUS. Anyway I thought I would take their pic one day after church first Sunday after the time change to be exact so we got home at 2. They were STARVING and obviously giddy so things didn't go as I had planned in my head. I thought they all looked adorable and pictured this great moment. Notice my new back drop. I haven't even hardly broken it in :( big frown! WELL I snapped this pic this is what I got a barrel of monkeys. I didn't even bother to edit this, what was the point? They it just made me want to say "OH MY COW!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas

I realize I am soooo behind on posting it isn't even funny, and maybe just maybe after the holidays when things slow down I will take some time and catch up. Until then Here I am saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We have had a very busy but wonderful year and couldn't have asked for anything better. Things are perfect around here, we are healthy, happy and we have each other and as corny as that may sound that is truly how I feel. So again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!